Level 4 Workshops

Level 4 Academic Writing Workshops

Please note: there are no more workshops this semester.

All the workshops last two hours and are repeat workshops, so you only need to book on one of the workshops offered. They cover the following: Structure and clarity; writing good descriptions, discussions and reflections; integration of relevant and appropriate evidence; citing and referencing.

All workshops take place in College Lane and are facilitated by Valerie Brossier (VB) or Pat Wood (PW).

Understanding and answering the question + Planning and structuring your assignment

  • Deconstructing essay titles
  • Working closely with the assignment brief and remaining focused
  • Working with the learning outcomes and marking criteria
  • Planning and structuring your assignment; Writing effective introductions
  • Reading effectively and making notes
  • Developing an effective argument and effective paragraphs (PEEEL)
  • Flow and signposting

Improving your academic writing style, grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence construction:

  • Features of academic writing style, including effective integration of your reading in your writing + accurate referencing
  • Paraphrasing and summarising
  • Accuracy in grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Writing clear, well-crafted and effective sentences


 When workshops become available, you can click here to book your workshop.

Click on the handouts link below to download a copy:
Handouts for Level 4 workshops 2017







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