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Some resources to help you develop your numeracy (maths) skills

Numeracy Help for Healthcare Professionals

Numeracy is the ability to understand and work with numbers; an essential requirement in many professions. Whether you need some extra help to develop your numeracy skills or a quick reminder, these resources will help you on your way.


Numeracy Skills

(Interactive web tutorial – ASA website resource)

Recommended: This HSK Academic Skills Advice website resource includes video tutorials and interactive exercises on Weight Conversion, Volume ConversionTablet Dosage Calculation, Volume Required Calculation, Weight-Based Dosage Calculation and IV Drip Rate Calculation.


Numeracy Tips for Nursing Applicants

(Online PDF – Lantern Publishing)

Recommended: This document includes some general numeracy advice, some useful worked examples and a book recommendation. Don’t be put off by the reference to nursing in the title – the examples are just as applicable to midwives (and possibly other healthcare professionals too).


Improve your numeracy skills: Contents page

(Website – University of Leeds Library)


E-books for numeracy

Shihab, P. (2014). Numeracy in nursing and healthcare: Calculations and practice

(2nd ed.) Abindon: Routledge Ltd.

Tyreman, C. (2013). How to master nursing calculations.

2nd edition (2nd ed.) London: Kogan Page.

Boyd, C. (2013). Calculation skills for nurses.

Hoboken: Wiley.

Keywords: mathematics; sums; adding; subtracting; division; multiplication; percentages; fractions; decimals.