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Learn to correctly cite, quote and list references for your assignments


Showing whose work you have used to support and develop your ideas is a key feature of good academic writing. Use the resources on this page to help you correctly cite and reference all the sources you have used so that we can see how well you have prepared for your assignments.

An introduction to Academic Referencing

Introduction to Academic Referencing

Introduction to Academic Referencing (PDF version of the above introduction video)

(Online PDF – UH HSK resource)

Download or Bookmark the Referencing Guidelines

Referencing Guidelines 2022-2023

(Online PDF – UH HSK resource)

The School of Health and Social Work Referencing Guidelines are based on a well-known style called the American Psychological Association (7th Edition) or ‘APA 7th’ for short. There are a couple of minor differences in how we use them because some uses are particular to the UK (Government documents for example). We have also altered how multiple authors are cited to help you keep within your word limit. Make sure you are familiar with the School of Health and Social Work Referencing Guidelines because this is the only style of presentation that we accept.

Recommended: The Guidelines are very detailed so we have produced a Referencing Guidelines Quick Check Version for you too; this version covers all the basics in just two pages!

Referencing Guidelines Quick Check Version 2022-23

(Online PDF – UH HSK resource)

Useful referencing resources

Library SkillUP: Referencing

(Web tutorial – UH only Library SkillUP resource)

Recommended: A general resource describing the wider context of citing and referencing.


Help with referencing screencast

(Video tutorial – LCS resource)

Recommended video on using the citation facility in the Online Library. If you are using this facility, the APA style will be broadly correct but do make sure you adjust for any School differences using the School Referencing Guidelines (above) to check the correct presentation.

Library SkillUP: Principles of reference management

(Web tutorial – UH only Library SkillUP resource)

Recommended: A resource describing the importance of using a reference management software.

Avoiding Plagiarism Reminder

Remember, using the work of others and failing to acknowledge who or where you took the ideas from, is plagiarism. Make sure you read all the Assessment Information pages including the Integrity page for more information about plagiarism and how to avoid academic misconduct.