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How to get Academic Skills Advice help

Use the resources on this website throughout your studies, focus on the recommended resources to get you started and make sure you attend timetabled workshops which run in many programmes.

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To access or book a session on this page, you’ll need to log in to your UH Microsoft Office 365 account with your UH username (e.g. abc123@herts.ac.uk) and password. On devices, you may need to download the MS Word app and log in.

Support summary table with booking links

What support do you require? Please read the options below carefully: What to book/attend
Do you have a specific query or academic skill you are having difficulty with? No need to book an appointment! Attend one of our regular Monday-Friday drop in sessions to speak to a member of the HSK Student Success and Academic Skills team for up to 10 minutes. Join the Zoom meeting during drop in hours, where you will be held in a waiting room until a member of the team is available to speak to you.

Please note: we are running a reduced academic skills service throughout June and drops ins will be less frequent.  Please ensure you check the drop in timetable in advance as they will not be available every day.

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Do you require detailed support with a specific assignment or other complex query? Book a one-to-one appointment with a member of the HSK Student Success and Academic Skills team. These are 20 minute appointments and HSK students are entitled to book up to 3 of these in an academic year.

In order to book a one-to-one appointment with the HSK Student Success and Academic Skills team you must adhere to the Guidelines for HSK Academic Skills Service one-to-one appointments which are available on the One-to-one sessions page.

PLEASE NOTE: All undergraduate and postgraduate one-to-one appointments will take place online throughout July and August.  If you select ‘in person’ on the booking form, this will still be booked as an online appointment.  If you have a specific reason for needing to be seen in person, please contact the SSAS team via email: hsk.skills@herts.ac.uk and we will consider your request.

Also note that September appointments will open early in the month for the week commencing the 5th of September.
Level 4-6 appointments (Undergraduate)

Postgraduate appointments

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Your general academic skills

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Becoming part of the learning community

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HSK Community Events:

HSK Community Event: Studying in the UK

Are you worried about studying at university let alone studying away from home? The Student Success and Academic Skills (SSAS) team is hosting a series of sessions for all new international HSK students to support you to settle into the university and your course. In addition, it will prepare you to avoid the pitfalls that many international students experience whilst studying. The programme will run over four weeks. Each session will prepare you with essential skills that will help you to thrive in your academic journey whilst meeting new international students across the HSK School. It is essential that you attend the programme alongside your core lectures.

All sessions are free for you to attend and will take place in the Wright building, College Lane campus. To sign up for the programme, click on the link here. Once you sign up, you will receive reminder emails to your personal email address with the room number. If you have any questions regarding the programme, send us an email at hsk.skills@herts.ac.uk Check out the programme schedule below to see what will be covered in each session.

Week 1: Introduction to UK Higher Education workshop 

Date and time: Wednesday 21st September from 1pm to 2.30pm

In this session, you will learn about the UK university’s academic culture. This will cover lecturers’ expectations, while at the same time, you will have the opportunity to share your expectations of your lecturers and the university. You will also learn about the importance of academic skills such as reading and writing and how you can improve your current skill set. By the end of the session, you would have a better awareness of how to develop your study habits.  

Week 2: Essential Key Skills in Higher Education workshop

Date and time: Wednesday 28th September from 1pm to 2.30pm

In this session, the SSAS team, Centre of Academic English (CAE) and HSK educational technologist team will be present to teach you what constitutes as academic misconduct and how to avoid common pitfalls international students make when writing their assignments. You will learn how to paraphrase effectively and how to accurately use vocabulary to improve your writing. You will also receive an overview of the essential ICT applications and software you would need for your study and how to access the Microsoft package for free!

Week 3: International Student Network

Date and time: Wednesday 5th October from 1pm to 2.30pm 

Socialising is an important aspect of learning and helping you to maintain your well-being. The session will provide you with an opportunity to meet other new international students across the HSK School. This will give you a chance to socialise with peers from your course and across different disciplines. The Student Union will also be present to talk to you about the University of Hertfordshire’s societies you can join for free!

Week 4: Practical skill development workshops

It is important that you practically develop your study skills so that you can make the most out of your lectures and your independent study time. Most of the workshops will be delivered hybrid – online and on campus at the same time. So, if you are unable to attend the on-campus workshop, you can virtually attend the workshop via Zoom. Most of the workshops are suitable for all HSK students. Make sure you sign up for all the workshops.

  • Searching Online Library workshop (delivered online ONLY)

Monday 10th October from 1pm to 2pm 

  • Introduction to Critical Thinking workshop for International Students

Wednesday 12th October from 12.30 to 1.30pm

  • Effective Study Techniques workshop

Thursday 13th October from 2pm to 3pm

  • Preparing for Lectures workshop

Friday 14th October from 2pm to 3pm

HSK Community Event: Student-Parents: Essays, Lectures and Kids!

Date and time: Thursday 13th October from 12.30 to 1.30pm (On-campus)

Date and time: Friday 21st October from 12pm to 1pm (Online) – REPEAT

The Student Success and Academic Skills (SSAS) team is hosting an event for all HSK student-parents. We understand that studying and juggling family life can be challenging for some of us. If you are a student-parent or going to be a parent soon and would like to meet other parents who are in the same boat as you, then sign up to the event. It is a social event with the opportunity to meet and learn how others are coping with their studies whilst raising a family.

The event will be running twice so that students can attend. It will run online and repeated on-campus. Please select one event you would like to attend.

Academic skills and student success support – drop-ins, one-to-ones, events and workshops

Drop-ins: No need to book, turn up and wait for your turn to speak to a member of the team for 10 minutes

Please access the latest drop in timetable here You will need to use your UH login to access the timetable.

One-to-one appointment bookings

HSK students are entitled to 3 one-to-one appointments with a member of the HSK Student Success and Academic Skills team per academic year. These are 20 minute appointments for complex support requirements. For shorter queries, please use our drop in service above.

In order to book a one-to-one appointment with the HSK Student Success and Academic Skills team you must adhere to the Guidelines for HSK Academic Skills Service one-to-one appointments which are available on the One-to-one sessions page.

To book an appointment with the team please use the following links:

Level 4-6 (Undergraduate) students

Postgraduate students

Please note: One-to-one assignment support is provided on a first come, first served basis. For subject specific advice, please contact lecturers on your module team.

Academic skills workshop – October 2022

The SSAS team have developed workshops to support you to settle into the new academic year. The workshops will be delivered on-campus and online at the same time (hybrid). Please select whether you want to attend the online or on-campus workshop at the time of booking. All attendees will receive an email 24 hours before the workshop with room location or the Zoom/MS Teams’ link. Places for each workshop are limited and booking is essential. 

You can select ‘Book a workshop now’ below to access the Workshop booking timetable and Calendly links document.

If you and some of your peers would like to attend a workshop but the offered dates are not suitable, get in touch with the Student Success and Academic Skills team (hsk.skills@herts.ac.uk) who may be able to advise of other support that is available.

Literature searching support requests

For literature searching support, please contact helpdesk@herts.ac.uk requesting support from the Academic Engagement Team. Please include some detail on what you need help with and a member of the team will be in touch.

Other drop-ins and workshops

The University’s Centre for Academic English also provides support to improve your writing and study skills. We recommend you take advantage of the frequent drop-in sessions and the broad range of workshops that they provide.

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