Extensions and Deferrals

Requesting a delayed submission date

Not fit to attend your exam or submit your coursework?

Requesting an extension

An extension can help you cope with a short term illness or unexpected problem. Visit the Ask Herts pages for information about a Course Work Extension – https://ask.herts.ac.uk/coursework-extensions. You should complete the form below and return it to your Programme Leader if you need a Course Work Extension.


Submit a request for Serious Adverse Circumstances to be granted (SAC)

If your situation is more serious or longer term you will need to submit a request for consideration of Serious Adverse Circumstances (SAC) using the Serious Adverse Circumstance Form.  You should also submit a SAC request if you are unexpectedly unfit to sit your exam or submit your coursework on the due day. If your request is granted, your coursework deadline or exam date will usually be extended to the next available submission date.

Information is available at Ask Herts https://ask.herts.ac.uk/serious-adverse-circumstances-sac

Important: If you are going to submit a SAC request – do not submit your coursework, sit your exam or attend your OSCE! If you do, the only exception is if a medical condition resulted in you being unable to understand that you were unfit to sit or submit. Please use the ‘Exceptions – Doctor’s letter’ if this is the case. See the Ask Herts pages for information about this and to access the Exemption from Fit to Sit form https://ask.herts.ac.uk/serious-adverse-circumstances-sac – see list item ‘9)’.

If you need further help or guidance please contact your Personal Tutor, Module Leader or Programme Leader.

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