Academic Writing Explained

What it is and what makes for good academic writing

Key features of good academic writing

Good academic writing is about using the right words in the right place to say the right thing; it is not about using lots of long words or presenting overly complicated ideas that your reader can’t understand. Key features of good academic writing are:

  • Properly structured sentences and paragraphs
  • Logical presentation of content (beginning, middle, end)
  • Clarity of thought including well supported arguments or points
  • Objective and non-judgemental commentary
  • Accurate grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Correctly presented referencing
  • Formal language and a varied vocabulary (without use of colloquial expressions and slang)
  • Originality and ownership – it ‘belongs’ to the person that writes it (See Assessment Information: Integrity page)


Examples that include the features of good academic writing

(Online PDFs – ASA website resource)

Recommended resource

Please note: these examples are for illustration only, the citations have been changed and assignment briefs do change so don’t get caught out by using them in your own work.

Level 4 writing examples

Level 5 writing examples

Level 6 writing examples

Level 7 writing examples


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