Improving Your Writing

Resources to help you improve your writing

Useful PDFs on writing skills

HSK Academic Writing Skills Study Guide

(Online PDF – University of Hertfordshire)

All you need to know about the basics of good writing in this comprehensive booklet which includes sections on grammar and punctuation, reasoning, structuring an essay and commonly confused words.

Critical Thinking study guide

(Online PDF – Plymouth University)

This detailed guide outlines the journey from description to analysis.

Recommended sections include: Page 4’s Diagram and Page 7’s Table

Top tips for proofreading

(Online PDF – ASA website resource)


Structure and clarity (e-Journal – UH only resource) The paragraph flow description is particularly useful.

Researching your subject (e-Journal – UH only resource) The tables are particularly useful, one has a list of literature sources. Not available on mobile devices.

Using literature to support your discussion (e-Journal – UH only resource) Not available on mobile devices.

E-learning resources on writing skills

Essay and report writing

(Web tutorial – UH only i-Spy resource)

Recommended sections include: An essay and a report’s main differencesParagraph structure and signposting words


Using English for academic purposes

(Interactive web tutorial – AG Consulting)

This resource will really improve your writing (ignore its older look and feel).

Recommended areas include: Accuracy – the exercises, Grammar – the whole section, Preparing – most pages, Writing – most pages

Study skills for university

(Website – Monash University)

Recommended sections include: Reflective writing


Writing section of Epigeum courses

(Interactive web tutorial – UH only resource)

Academic writing workbook

(Video tutorial – ASA website resource)

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