Community events

The School of Health and Social Work (HSK) is committed to creating a community where students feel connected, supported and valued. The Student Success and Academic Support (SSAS) team lead and deliver community events in order to create a healthy and stimulating environment for students in HSK. These community events are a safe space where students can voice their opinions, share ideas and be heard. There are many benefits to attending these community events.

Benefits of attending HSK community events:

  • Opportunity to network with other HSK students
  • Learn from students on coping mechanisms and proven study habits
  • Improve student retention rates and success
  • Students are more motivated and engaged with their study
  • Improve mental well-being and overcome loneliness
  • Receive advice and support from members of staff from the SSAS team

Please note: these events are free to attend and do not require booking. All details of the events can be found in the table below for the upcoming month.

March 2023

Online Study Group
Date and Time: Wednesday 22nd of March 2023 7pm to 8.30pm
Click on the Zoom link
Have you got exams coming up? Or have you got assignments to submit?
Here is your sign to get started! Why not study with SSAS?
The Student Success and Academic Skills (SSAS) team is hosting an Online Study Group for HSK students. We understand that studying independently for exams or completing assignments can be difficult and often a lonely process. If you feel that some accountability would help you to maintain motivation and focus, then you are more than welcome to join the Online Study Group. It is a welcoming space where students can get together online to study. You do not have to stay for the whole session.
It is entirely up to you what you use the session for. You may decide to read an essential article or book, work on your assignments, or prepare for an exam. We will ask you to set your intention at the beginning of the session to help you focus and make the best use of your time. But then you will be left to work in silence surrounded by other students doing the same. You can think of this as your study table in the LRC on-campus. There will also be opportunities to network with other during the breaks.
When you join the Online Study Group, a member of the SSAS team will always be present to assist you with any queries you may have regarding the Online Study Group. If you feel you need academic skill support, you can join the SSAS breakout room and the member of staff will also be able to advise you on how you can improve your academic skills.
All you will need to get started is to join the Zoom link below using your UH credentials on the day.
Let’s be productive together!