Community events

The School of Health and Social Work (HSK) is committed to creating a community where students feel connected, supported and valued. The Student Success and Academic Support (SSAS) team lead and deliver community events in order to create a healthy and stimulating environment for students in HSK. These community events are a safe space where students can voice their opinions, share ideas and be heard. There are many benefits to attending these community events.

Benefits of attending HSK community events:

  • Opportunity to network with other HSK students
  • Learn from students on coping mechanisms and proven study habits
  • Improve student retention rates and success
  • Students are more motivated and engaged with their study
  • Improve mental well-being and overcome loneliness
  • Receive advice and support from members of staff from the SSAS team

Please note: these events are free to attend and do not require booking. All details of the events can be found in the table below for the upcoming month.

January 2023

Coffee Morning for Commuting Students
Date and Time: Friday 27th of January
From 11am to 12pm
Location: 1F391, Wright building, College Lane
Are you a commuting student? Do you travel to campus to attend your lectures, seminars or practicals? Do you fancy a FREE hot tea or coffee?
Join us for an informal chat with staff and students from the HSK School community. It is an opportunity for you to network with other commuting students across the HSK School and learn how to make the most out of your study on-campus and off-campus. A member of the SSAS team will be present to advise you on your study habits.
You do not need to book to attend the event. You also do not need to be present for the whole session.  
Each attendee will receive a tea and coffee voucher which can be redeemed at the University of Hertfordshire’s canteens.

There is no need to sign up for the event.

February 2023

Studying in the UK
(for international students)
Date and Time: Wednesday 1st of February
Location:  F321, Wright building, College Lane
Theme: Reading and Avoiding plagiarism
Are you an international student studying in the Health and Social Work School? Do you want to learn about reading and understanding reading texts? Do you want to learn how you can write after reading without plagiarising?
Come along to this one-off session where you would learn key skills around decoding the meanings of unfamiliar words in reading texts and how to incorporate the information into your writing without plagiarising. This will help you with your independent reading and prepare you for written assessments.
It is also an opportunity for you to meet and network with other international students in the School.

There is no need to sign up for the event.
Returning to Study Networking Group

Date and Time: Thursday 2nd of February
From 2pm to 3pm

Location:   B160, College Lane
Theme: Building Your Self- Confidence
The theme for this session is building your self-confidence. Please note that the session is not a taught session. A member of the Student Success and Academic Support (SSAS) team will be present to guide the discussion and to provide academic skills support around overcoming imposter syndrome and writer’s block.

More about the networking group
The Returning to Study Networking Group is open to all HSK students who have returned to education. It does not matter whether you had a long gap or just a few years. You are all welcome!   
It is an opportunity for you to meet other HSK students in a similar boat as you. You will have the chance to share your experience of what works for you and learn new study strategies that you can adopt as good study habits through networking. It is not a taught session.
The Returning to Study Group meets once a month.

There is no need to sign up for the event.