Level 7 Workshop

Level 7 Academic Writing Workshops


Workshops will cover the following: Structure and clarity; analysis and evaluation; integration and synthesis of relevant and appropriate evidence; demonstration of criticality. However, the exact content of the workshops can be discussed, based on your needs.

Arranging a workshop

If a session isn’t already organised and the group is interested, it’s a good idea to ask your lecturer to contact Valerie Brossier and embed a workshop within your timetable.

If an embedded workshop has already been organised by one of your lecturers and if you are interested in a small optional workshop for you and some of your peers, please contact Kim Goode (k.p.goode@herts.ac.uk).

Once a suitable time is identified, you’ll be asked to book a room for a maximum of 10 participants.


Useful phrases for critiquing research

Example of level 7 writing

HSK Grading Criteria Written Coursework Level 7

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