Level 7 Workshop

Level 7 Academic Writing Workshops

Thanks for your interest in an academic writing workshop.

If I haven’t seen you in an embedded workshop organised by one of your lecturers and if many people are interested, it might be a good idea to ask your lecturer to contact me to organise a session within your timetable.

If we have already met as part of an embedded workshop organised by one of your lecturers and if you are interested in a small optional workshop for you and some of your peers, please contact me on: v.brossier@herts.ac.uk .

Once we have arranged a time that suits you and me, I will ask you to book a room for a maximum of 10 participants.

Workshops will cover the following: Structure and clarity; analysis and evaluation; integration and synthesis of relevant and appropriate evidence; demonstration of criticality. However, the exact content of the workshops can be discussed, based on your needs.

Hoping this helps and looking forward to working with some of you,

Best wishes


NB: We hope that you have explored our Academic Skills Advice website already and that you have found it useful.


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