Level 5 Workshops

Level 5 Academic Writing Workshops

Please note: there are no more workshops this semester.

All the workshops last for two hours and are repeat workshops, so you only need to book on one of the workshops below.

The workshops will cover the following: Presentation and structure; writing good descriptions, discussions and reflections; demonstration of analytical thinking in writing; effective integration of relevant and appropriate evidence.

Presentation and structure

Presenting and structuring your assignment; developing a clear and logical argument, including effective use of signposting; accurate and fluent writing; academic writing style; sentence construction, spelling and punctuation.

Depth, integration and analysis of literature

Using relevant reading effectively; demonstrating analytical thinking in your written assignments.

When workshops become available, you can click here to book your workshop.

Click on the handouts link below to download a copy:

Handouts for Level 5 workshops 

Useful phrases for critiquing research






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