Accessibility help

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Advice on screenreaders, text sizing and contrast for this website.


This website has been designed to be accessible.  On this page we will outline how to use tools to enhance the material to suit your needs, the site has been tested for use with the Chrome browser (download) but not on mobile devices.



The site has been tested with the screenreader ‘Chromevox‘.  If you would like to use this screenreader this is a Chromevox tutorial explaining how it can be used.


Text Contrast and Size

To increase the size of text onscreen, Ctrl and + (Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS) and ⌘ and + (Mac).  To increase contrast the site has been tested with the high contrast chrome plugin which can be used to increase the contrast of the items on screen and also apply other colour schemes such as: yellow and black; grey scale; and inverted grey scale.

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