Critical Reflection


What is reflection?

(Online PDF – The Open University)

Describes what we are doing when we reflect and outlines a model for critical thinking.


Excellent examples of critical reflection

(Online PDF – ASA website resource)

Please note: citations are fictionalised.


Example essay

(Online Word Document – Sage Publishing)

Two example essays, one an example of an analytical essay (Page 1) and one an example of a reflective essay (Page 11). Written with nursing students in mind but useful to all students studying health and/or social work.


Example of critical reflection

(E-journal – Wiley Publishing)

An example of a written reflective piece focusing on practice.


Example model for reflection

(E-article – MA Healthcare)

A paramedic clinical tutor’s perspective on the role of reflection in improving clinical practice.


Reflecting on You and Your Practice

(PowerPoint Presentation)


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